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Are Your Negative Thoughts Running the Show?

Is It Possible You’re Totally Unaware of Some of Your Negative Thoughts?


Do you sometimes find yourself feeling anxious or sad even though you’re having a pretty good day? Has anyone ever called you out for “being negative”, when you know you had good intentions? You may be surprised at just how hidden your negative thoughts can be.

This guide will help you to gain self-awareness into the negative thoughts that are not only driving your behavior; but also influencing your moods.



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Transform Your Life With Personal Empowerment Coaching

Being Your Best Self

When it comes to transforming your life, you need to elevate yourself to bring your new life into view and focus.

You can’t have new experiences when all your beliefs, rules, thoughts and behaviors are are rooted in your old way of thinking. New Experiences require New Information.

To Change Your Life, You Must Change Your Mind.

To Change Your Mind, You Must Learn a New Way of Thinking.


Surviving Is Not Thriving


For many of you…somewhere along the journey, you hit a wall…or got knocked to your knees by a trauma or crisis. And ever since, you’ve been struggling to get your life back on course.

We all have our reasons for meeting here—for discovering one another at this point in our journey. I’m here because I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve also had the privilege of coaching thousands like you to heal and to create a new way of being.

Why the Time to Transform is Now

When you’re not living up to your potential or you allow your emotions and beliefs to keep you stuck; it causes a chronic sense of frustration, fear, doubt, and emptiness. It puts an infinite distance between you and your dreams. It also shows up in your life in the form of:

  • An increase in feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • A lack of purpose and fulfillment
  • An endless loop of reliving unresolved emotions or trauma
  • Dissatisfaction with a job/career
  • Disengagement from life as way to avoid disappointment and/or stress
  • A tolerance for toxic, unhealthy relationship(s)
  • Putting other people’s needs before your own to the point of self-neglect
  • Daily struggle to overcome low-self worth, lack of confidence, sense of failure

And that’s the short list!

What if I told you there’s a way to overcome all the mental and emotional barriers in your life and use these skills to create a new, ideal way of being? Better yet, would you believe me if I told you that it doesn’t require expensive therapy? Imagine if all you really need is an open mind.

“We accept where we’re at because we’re so uncertain how to get where we want to be.”

Unleash Your Inner Therapist

We’ve come to believe that therapists are the only ones who can help us when we’re suffering or feeling lost. But the truth is, you’re best equipped to be your own therapist because you know your emotional terrain better than anyone.


I also believe this “inner therapist” possesses an emotional intelligence which is the source of our power and ability to transform our lives. The problem is, we get stuck. We let fear, doubt, pain, guilt, and irrational thinking talk us out of dreams.


What I offer you is an honest, innovative approach to overcoming your limited thinking, emotional barriers, and dis-empowering beliefs. Together, we’ll tap into this power to find what’s working and get rid of what’s not.


I’m ready to work with you; question is—Are you ready to do the work?

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Nikole helped us navigate through the process of identifying the underlying issues that had been unaddressed for decades. Nikole was instrumental in making recovery possible. We are truly and honestly grateful.

Maria Perez, Legal Secretary

Nikole helped me find my voice and encouraged me to speak my voice because my opinions mattered and deserved to be valued. She helped me improve my self-esteem and self-confidence in employment. Nikole coached me on different techniques and was a true mentor to me.

Chanel Kunkel, Client & Rockstar Millennial

I love her approach and her healing method and have referred her to over a dozen clients. What she has done for me and my family is priceless and I will forever be in her debt.

R. Festekjian, Client & Celebrity Hair Stylist

Nikole is more than a coach. I consider her to be a friend. She's thoughtful, funny, and super supportive. With her help, I discovered my worth in relationships and in my career.

Heather Green, Corporate Manager

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